 Individual booking: for individual booking, the time for cancelling without is 24hours before the scheduled date of arrival. Reservation should be cancelled before 24hours otherwise, it attracts one night no show charges.
 Cancellation for group booking: this is only acceptable within 72 hours before the date of arrival. The hotel place a charge for “No Show” i.e. each individual would be charged for one night except for cases of special understanding.
 Cancellation of reservation is acceptable through email, text or by writing.


 If the accommodation agreement is made for a definite term. It shall end at the expiration of such term.
 For any accommodation booking that is made for an indefinite term expires by 10:00am on the third day preceding the intended end.
 Ayalla Hotels Ltd shall terminate any accommodation booking with immediate effect for the following reasons, particularly if a guest:
a) Makes significant adverse use of the room or makes their stay intolerable for other guests.
b) If it is discovered that a guest is offensive ruthless or otherwise, exhibited highly improper conduct or commit any act against the property, morality or physical safety.
c) Suffer a contagious disease. Or in cases were a guest is unable to settle his bills when they become payable.
d) An accommodation agreement becomes impossible if there is force-major, strike, lockout orders etc.
e) Ayalla Hotels ltd may rescind an accommodation agreement/booking provided that a doom payment is made for the period provided.
f) Where a customer brings in an animal to the hotel room without the prior consent of the hotel management.


Guests brining in animal must produce animal liability insurance or personal liability insurance that covers any potential damage by animals and must also get a prior approval of management as it shall not be obliged to any damage caused by such animal. Animals shall not be permitted to enter the lounges, saloon, restaurant and other wellness areas of the hotel.


If a guest gets sick during their stay at the accommodation the hotel shall upon the request of the guest arrange for medical care. In the event of an eminent danger the management shall even without the consent of the guest arrange for medical care. As long as a guest is unable to make decision in such cases due to a sudden ailment, management shall seek to get the contact of a next of kin of other close relatives.